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Fun things to do in the cold

The desire to go run outside, go to the pool and in some cases even leave the house is squashed when it is freezing cold outside. The cold weather leaves people with so few options for what they can do to have fun and escape the inevitable boredom of sitting in the house all day. So here is a to-do-list of fun things to do when the “weather outside is frightful.”

Have a movie marathon

Pull out all of your favorite movies and curl up by the fire with a big mug of hot chocolate. You will laugh and cry the day away and not even realize that you are trapped in the house by the cold. Some fun themes for this day are scary movies, chick flicks and summer movies to help fight the cold.

Bake cookies

Make yourself a warm, gooey treat to keep yourself nice and toasty. Find new recipes to try and spend the day experimenting in the kitchen. At the end of the day you will have a new favorite cookie and a lot of delicious food. I always bake snowball cookies with my grandmother’s secret recipe.

Play board games

Get out all of the board games you used to play as a little kid and just start playing. You will transported back to time when life was so much simpler and you did not need to leave the house to have a good time. My favorite is the game of life, but I think that is because I have won every game since I was twelve.

Go ice skating

If you are willing to go outside and bear the weather then ice sating is a great way to pass the day away. Get all of your friends together and spend a day on the ice just having some fun. Ice skating is so much fun, but I warn you if you are as big of a klutz as me then you should probably stay by the railing.

Start watching a new TV show

Get a TV show on DVD and just start watching the show. You can finally catch up on all of the shows you have missed because your life has been so busy. The time will fly and by the end of the day you will be addicted a new show. This is probably my favorite thing to do on a cold day it can be so much fun to discover a new world on TV.

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