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The Cold War: frozen yogurt shops compete




Yogen Früz


Sweet Frog

Location Fairfax Corner
(703) 266-1113
Sun. to Thurs. 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Fri. to Sat. 11 a.m. to midnight
Reston Town Center
(571) 926-9567
Sun. to Thurs. noon to 10 p.m.
Fri. to Sat. noon to 11p.m.
Greenbriar Town Center
(571) 926-9567
Sun. to Thurs. noon to 10 p.m.
Fri. to Sat. noon to 11p.m.
Atmosphere The modern and chic store front at Pinkberry attracts teenagers as well as hip and trendy young adults. Located in Fairfax Corner, Pinkberry is always booming from movie goers and young adults who live nearby. Located in Reston Town Center, teenagers and adults flock to Yogen Früz’s futuristic store. With a very small storefront, Yogen Früz offers no seating. The décor at Sweet Frog is definitely targeted toward kids and family, with its vibrant colors of pink and green. Located in the Greenbriar shopping center, Sweet Frog is in a very convenient location for Chantilly students to fulfill their frozen yogurt needs.
Flavor The Pinkberry, in Fairfax Corner, only offers five flavors to choose from: original, chocolate, mango, pomegranate, and lychee. Even though there is only a limited selection, all of the flavors are consistent and recommended. Yogen Früz offers a unique concept with creating your own flavor. Upon ordering your yogurt, the customer chooses either vanilla or chocolate yogurt. The customer can then choose up to 3 frozen fruits (out of 12) to be blended in with the yogurt. With an array of 14 flavors, Sweet Frog’s variety is refreshing, especially to avid frozen yogurt fans.  Sweet Frog provides interesting flavors such as NY cheesecake, cake batter, and strawberry lemonade. Recommended: strawberry, original tart, green tea, and peanut butter.
Yogurt The yogurt at Pinkberry is spot-on. The yogurt has a creamy texture and is perfectly tart. The consistency and texture of Yogen Früz’s yogurt was the creamiest and smoothest out of all the locations reviewed. Even with real fruit pieces within, the tanginess of typical frozen yogurt was missing. The actual frozen yogurt leaned more towards a sherbet consistency. It was a little icier than other yogurts in comparison.
Toppings Though Pinkberry’s selection of toppings is not as diverse at Sweet Frog, Pinkberry offers higher class and higher quality of toppings, including organic gummy bears and mochi. Instead of offering a huge topping bar like Sweet Frog, Yogen Früz goes for the more unique and higher quality route. Toppings such as chocolate covered pretzels and mandarin oranges give another unique twist to the already unique concept at Yogen Früz. Sweet Frog offers an enormous selection of toppings to choose from. Served on a do-it-yourself bar, customers can add as much candy, ranging from sour patch kids to chocolate covered raisins, fruit, and sauces (Nutella!) as they wish.
Price Pinkberry’s flat rate for yogurt and yogurt with toppings allows for customers to put in as many toppings as they wish without it being more expensive. When measured, Pinkberry costs about 54 cents per ounce. Like Pinkberry, Yogen Früz price is a flat rate for yogurt or yogurt with toppings. Even though the toppings are unlimited, when measured, Yogen Früz cost about 64 cents per ounce. The price at Sweet Frog is a steal compared to other frozen yogurt stores. With the concept of self-serve, the customer can control the amount of frozen yogurt that they want to purchase at 39 cents per ounce.
Conclusion Though the toppings and multiple flavors cannot top Sweet Frog, the chic atmosphere and creamy frozen yogurt at Pinkberry continues to draw in customers from all over. With the power houses of Sweet Frog and Pinkberry dominating the frozen yogurt industry in Northern Virginia, Yogen Früz offers a unique concept that has its own followers. Yogen Früz is a definite must-try this summer. The cheap price for frozen yogurt combined with the huge variety of flavors and toppings makes Sweet Frog a must-go for the summer.
The yogurt at Pinkberry is spot-on. The yogurt has a creamy texture and is perfectly tart.

Best atmosphere
Pinkberry wins with its outdoor seating at Fairfax Corner.

Best flavors
Yogen Früz wins with its mix-it-yourself concept and real pieces of fruit in the yogurt.

Best yogurt
Pinkberry wins with its perfect combination of tanginess and creaminess.

Best toppings
Sweet Frog wins with its wide array of toppings.

Best price
Sweet Frog wins with only 39 cents per ounce and the ability to control the price.

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