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Drumline: world champions

World champions. This is the title that all students on drumline now hold. They placed first at the Winter Guard International in Dayton, Ohio, on April 16, winning them the world championships with a score of 94.64.

“I was in shock when we won,” senior Zach Brannan said.

This was the first year that Chantilly’s drumline has even made it to the final round at WGI. Students shed tears of joy when they won.

Band director, Gary English believes their success at WGI was due to the talent of the drumline and their devotion in practice. Over the years he has tried to keep consistent in his direction of the drumline but has changed around his staff.

“Consistent preparation and focus in practices separates the good from the great,” English said. “I have tried to keep most things the same from past years. The staff has changed a little bit. I try to place a strong emphasis on personal responsibility for the students”

For many it was unexpected because during the show they had technical difficulties and were unable to hear the sound effects that went along with the music the drumline was playing. However, the choreography and music carried them through and they ended with a score that surpassed all of the other drumlines.

“The drumline is a very talented group,” English said. “I am hopeful and excited for next year.”

To many students drumline is the highlight of their high school career and winning at Dayton was a rewarding experience and has boosted excitement for next year.

“I was speechless when we won,” freshman Paul Lee said. “I am looking forward to it next year because drumline, to me, is like a family.”

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